Mississippi Civil Defense Emergency Management Association

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The basic purposes of the certification program are to provide additional incentive for professional improvement in Emergency Management, to assure recognition for those who attain certain specific standards, and to lead toward development of a full professional status in the field of Emergency Management. Certification also honorably recognizes those members who have demonstrated their abilities through years of service to their state, counties, communities and Association. Persons completing the final phase of the Certified Emergency Managers program shall each receive an appropriate plaque designating them as "Mississippi Certified Emergency Manager."  The designation "MCEM" may be used following the EM professional's name on correspondence, letterheads, business cards and other printed matter where it may appear so long as the EM professional has Association membership in good standing. Loss of privilege shall occur when membership dues are not paid by June 1 of each year as stated in our Bylaws (Article XI Section IV).

We congratulate all Active and Life members who have achieved and attained this status.   Click here for printable list. 

NAME                                     CERTIFICATION YEAR             CERTIFICATION LOCATION

GEORGE SOUDERES                           1998                                        ADAMS

ANGELA SANDIFER                             2009                                        ADAMS

RICKEY GIBENS                                   2009                                        ALCORN

WILLIAM QUINTON                             2012                                        BOLIVAR

KENT BUCKLEY                                  1998                                         BOLIVAR

LEE TEDDER                                       2008                                         BOLIVAR

LINDA GRIFFIN                                   2011                                         CHICKASAW

MARVIN RATLIFF                                2013                                        CLAIBORNE

KERRIE GENTRY-BLISSARD                  1998                                         CLAY

TORREY WILLIAMS                             2018                                         CLAY

JOHNNY TARZI                                  2009                                         COAHOMA

DANNETTE FORD                               2016                                        COPIAH

TIM CURTIS                                       1998                                        DESOTO

TRENT ROBERTSON                           2009                                        GREENE

TREBIA RODGERS                               1998                                       GRENADA

BRIAN ADAM                                     2004                                       HANCOCK

JOHN ALBERT EVANS                         2021                                       HANCOCK

LINDA ROUSE                                    1998                                       HARRISON

IVY LACY                                          1998                                        HARRISON

RUPERT LACY                                   2006                                        HARRISON

BRUCE WILKERSON                            2021                                        HARRISON

LAVONNE BERRYHILL                         2009                                       HINDS

RICKY MOORE                                    2006                                      HINDS

JOSEPH PERKINS                                2009                                       HINDS

ROBIN GARRARD                               2018                                       HINDS

BARBARA RUSSO                               2018                                        IAEM

DONALD LANGHAM                          2007                                        JACKSON

BRENDA HAMMITTE                          2013                                        JEFFERSON

DON MCKINNON                              2009                                        JONES

MARDA TULLOS                                2007                                        JONES

STEPHEN QUARLES                            2021                                       LAFAYETTE

JAMES SMITH                                    2006                                       LAMAR

DINAH FARMER                                1998                                       LAUDERDALE

DAVID SHARP                                   2006                                       LAUDERDALE

RHONDA BLANTON                           2009                                      LEAKE

TOMMY MALONE                              1999                                       LEAKE

CLAUDIA HOWARD                           2005                                       LEE

DOROTHY IVORY                              2010                                       LEFLORE

T.W. COOPER                                    2010                                       LEFLORE

CINDY GALEY                                    2003                                       LINCOLN

CLIFFORD GALEY                              1999                                        LINCOLN

CINDY LAWRENCE                             2008                                       LOWNDES

SHELLEY STRICKLAND                       2021                                       LOWNDES

MARGARET CARTER                          2009                                       MEMA

TERRY LIGHTHEART                          2013                                       MEMA

TINA NORMAN-REED                         2008                                       MEMA

TONY NORWOOD                              2009                                       MEMA

DIANE SAGER                                    2009                                       MEMA

PAUL SHEFFIELD                                2007                                       MEMA

TINA JORDAN                                    2021                                       MEMA

EDDIE IVY                                          1999                                       MERIDIAN

DONNA SANDERSON                         2013                                        MONROE

DEBRA LEWERS-SNEED                       2016                                        MS DEPT OF HEALTH

ROBERT BINGHAM                             2009                                       MS DISASTER RESPONSE

DAVID KINGMAN                               2003                                       MS GAME COMMISSION

KRISTEN CAMPANELLA                      2012                                       OKTIBBEHA

DANIEL COLE                                    2008                                        PANOLA

BOBBY STRAHAN                               2003                                       PEARL RIVER

DANNY MANLEY                                2018                                       PEARL RIVER

RICHARD COGHLAN                          1998                                        PIKE

RICKEY JAGGERS                                2006                                       PONTOTOC

ALVIN SEANEY                                   2009                                       SCOTT

SHEILA SEANEY                                  2009                                       SCOTT

RAVEN JAMES                                    2004                                        STONE

THAD ROBERTS                                 2009                                       TALLAHATCHIE

ROBERT LATHAM                               1998                                       TATE

TERRY STEED                                    1998                 THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

BETH JOHNSON                                 1998                 THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

DEBBIE WINDHAM                             2019                  THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

GLEN MOORE                                    2021                 THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

SANDIE ETHRIDGE                             2021                 THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

JIM HENNESSEY                                  2021                 THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

CHIP BROWN                                      2021                 THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

GERRY BURNS                                    2021                  THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

TRACY PHARR                                   2009                                        TOWN OF GOLDEN

RANDY STEWART                               2001                                       TUNICA

SCOTT THRESHER                              2007                                       VA MEDICAL CENTER

GWEN COLEMAN                                2011                                       WARREN

DAVID BURFORD                                2012                                       WASHINGTON

BERNICE MCGINNIS                            2000                                        YAZOO